The Aging Disc
   Universal Edition


An assembly system to simulate aged surfaces

More than 800 different textures in two sizes, these are the basis of an
assembly system, which provides you the possibility to create thousands
of different realistic looking aged surfaces for your 3D objects.

You can choose from 180 surfaces, divided into

• 80 base materials - card(board) & paper, metal, plastic, textiles and wood, and
• 100 cover - materials - dirt, paint, rust, burnmarks, bloodstains etc.)
80 alpha maps for use as masks still come to this.

In addition, we have included 100 examples (see here a selection)
using the textures provided on this CD, showing you the possibilities of these materials.
Simply create a cover material, cut out holes using a mask,
and pull it over a bottom (basic) material.

The textures are provided in a resolution of 512 x 512 and 1024 x 1024 pixels.
These images are 24bit-JPEG-bitmaps with high quality settings,
sorted by texture channels. All of the provided images tile seamlessly.


All surfaces can be previewed within the accompanied PDF- catalogs.

This feature gives you a fast and efficient overview to quickly choose the texture set you need.
Additionally there is the possibility to review 500x500-Pixel-previews with a
graphics browser like ACDSee or GraphicConverter.


In the easy-to-use illustrated manual, you will find the explanation
of how to use this CD.
It shows how to create your own materials by putting together different textures
and Alpha maps, and how to implement them into your projects.
The logic of the texture names - important to the right use of the texture sets -
is documented clearly.


• 25 light-maps (gobos), seamlessly tileable, and
• 25 textures of various stains (cup stains, fingerprints etc.)
in two resolutions (512 x 512 / 1024 x1024) and 24bit JPEG-Format complete
the wide variety of textures on this CD.
Just like all the other materials, these maps are reviewable as pdf-catalog.